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A Dreams Engine Blog. This Blog may not make any sense to you. This is a collection of internal snippets that we collect with our experiences, but we hope some of our post will help you in some way.

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Solve MySQL(MariaDB) Bad Socket

To find all socket files on your system run: sudo find / -type s My Mysql server system had the socket open at /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock Once you find where the socket is being opened, add or edit the line to your /etc/my.cnf file with the path to the socket file: socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock Sometimes the system startup script […]

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Install LEMP (Basic)

Ahora si!, a instalar LEMP Hardcore #super user sudo su #update aptitude update && aptitude upgrade #sever name echo “earth” > /etc/hostname hostname -F /etc/hostname hostname #aƱade el nombre de tu server a tu la ip local de tu maquina virtual (server local) nano /etc/hosts #arregla el horario de tu Linux dpkg-reconfigure tzdata #actualiza nuevamente […]

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